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Welcome to the Shop!  Launched in 2015, Conscious Creationz is a grassroots Buffalo, New York based design duo (Morgan Jamie Dunbar and MacNore Iman) offering custom accessories and handmade keepsakes that promote community empowerment, knowledge of self and good ol' high vibrations.  The duo work hand-in-hand, dedicating their art to the memory and spirit of their beloved son Kali Ra, who is the inspiration behind the majority of their design projects.

All items are original designs and handmade in their upstate New York home studio.  Every stitch and stroke is made with love, guaranteed!

Custom orders are always welcome-- Simply contact me and I will do my best to accommodate. 
All proceeds benefit the Iman Vision Fund.   Thank you for your interest!

About the Artist

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Thank you for your interest in my work.  I first started painting in 2016, shortly after the loss of my infant Sun, to whom this website and all its contents are dedicated.  My preferred mediums are acrylic on canvas, clay and authentic Tiffany style stained glass, but I quite enjoy experimenting with new vehicles for my creativity.

My father began teaching me the art of authentic Tiffany style stained glass at age 8.  He has since passed, but I continue this work at the very same workbench.


     Morgan Jamie Dunbar