. The Vision .

      This project is a venture in vulnerability.  I offer this space to myself and to a world crying out for authenticity.  My intention is to speak my truth, and share the transmissions I receive with those willing to hold this space with me. Until the passing of my beloved Sun Kali Ra I had never been one to share my feelings publicly or allow the intimate connections that can be forged when we open and allow others to see the depths of our suffering.  My soft underbelly had always been fortified with battle-hardened barriers.  Much of my psyche lay dormant, silenced by decades of social conditioning that had done a hell of a job convincing me that my purpose in this world could and would emerge anywhere but from within. 

It took me 32 years to realize that the insights gained from my lifetime as an outcast and "wild child" would be my greatest gift to the world.

      As far back as I can remember I have always struggled, whether trying to "fit the mold" or rage against its constraints.  Native activist, poet and thinker John Trudell once said, "Protect your spirit because you are in the place where spirits get eaten.”  I came into this realm well aware of the vultures circling my mothers womb, but less informed about how to go about protecting myself from them.  Light is a hot commodity around here, and there has never been a shortage of energies lining up to siphon and drain me of mine.

      While I still struggle to erect "healthy boundaries" and resist the vampiric talons at my neck, I have come to learn that, above all else, I must hold firm to my soul's intent and let nothing dissuade me from speaking my truth and offering my unique medicine to the collective, as it was always intended. However, more often than not, the medicine I offer isn't Flintstone flavored and nothing Mary Poppins can do will soothe its administration.  This is where the authenticity comes in.

      My vision for this project is firmly rooted in the knowledge that truth telling is fierce love, and that fierce love is the most potent medicine-- A medicine that the sacred Mother urges us to release to the world at this time.  Whether illumined by love or torn by tragedy, we are all blessings to the world. These blessings of lived experience are delivered when we share our medicine and hold another as they do the same.  No more silencing. 

      Our traumas often unveil our greatest gifts.  When we open ourselves to the depths of our collective wounding and offer our truth from this place of vulnerability and power we honor the authenticity of our experience and let this fierce love become our liberation.

     With Love, Light and a Healthy Dose of Darkness,

       Morgan Jamie Dunbar

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"Darling, you feel heavy because you are too full of truth. Open your mouth more.
Let the truth exist somewhere other than inside your body."
  Della Hicks-Wilson