I'm one of those people who regularly use the hashtag #vibratehigher... Having lived a pretty full life in the 32 years I've occupied this fleshy vessel, I can attest to the personal difference perspective and energetic alignment makes in my life. First, let me be totally candid-- I used to absolutely criticize the "hippies" for what I perceived was a "care free attitude." I'd even throw shade on the monks who choose to spend an entire lifetime absenting themselves from the "illusion of duality." The ones who I imagined sitting in stillness and silence, praying for the world were particularly troublesome for my psyche and blood pressure.

Anger is most certainly a gift, and I was blessed and compensated well in that department. Having said that, I have come to realize that I am 100% more effective in executing any and all undertakings when I am aligned energetically with the higher vibrations (have a positive outlook, whatever you want to call it). Whether it be living with major depression, confronting chronic anxiety issues, working through an acute PTS crisis, coping with Crohn's related symptoms, grieving the loss of my infant son, or organizing direct action, CD and campaign strategy, I am 100% more effective if I am able to shimmy my spirit body out from under the "weight of the world," and attune myself to the "higher frequencies" that provide unlimited inspiration, courage, and clarity.

I'm not sure anyone has vibrated lower than me. Many, I am certain, have joined me at that bottom rung of frequency levels, but there we suffered together in our separation. I know the energetics those places harbor. Paralyzing fear, stagnation, and self sabotage, to name but a few choice elements.

Although I remember a time where I wouldn't have hesitated, now I can't imagine trying to knock someone down from a higher vibration so that they could "get real" and suffer the disillusion and hopelessness that comes from vibrating out of alignment with Source energy.

One thing that might help clarify my point-- My frequent use of the hashtag #vibratehigher is an invitation to be and feel IN-spired. To me that means moving with and IN spirit.. In alignment with the Soul's intent for Being. Being in alignment does not articulate the same for anyone. Each and every one of us has a different path we walk here. And none of us can do anything but walk our path. Walking that path while being IN-spired and aligned with the higher Source frequencies might see one man complete his life's ambition of opening a restaurant or writing a cookbook, while another IN-joying the same frequency and inspiration might decide to dedicate her life establishing parallel systems and engaging commUNITY empowerment while working for total liberation.

Higher frequencies are real. They are certainly not our enemy, although they do pose a very real problem for entities which exist and feed upon lower vibrations (this phenomena is of particular interest to me, but I can delve into that in another FB rant).

High vibrations INspire, UPlift and help get the job done, whatever that job is (and as long as that job aligns with Source). Doubtless there is still a healthy supply of people who would criticize those who champion the effects of "vibrating higher." Hell, I'm still a remote controller throw away from filling that description myself. You'd be surprised how many of those perfectly shaped projectiles I've gone through in this lifetime. But I digress...

I mention the "shade throwers" because I want to challenge disdain for the concept. Because I would have historically qualified as one of the biggest "haters," I'm gonna assert that I don't believe that it's so much that skeptics are disdainful of "vibrating higher," as they are desiring that others take action and manifest movement in the world that articulates and appears more effective than the stereotypic hippie swaying motions (side to side, hands raised to the Sun god). I posit that many of those who would consider themselves critical of the term "vibrate higher" may actually misunderstand the entire concept and actually desire instead that everyone choose to vibrate on a level that empowers and inspires them to ACT in significant ways to effectuate and fulfill Soul's purpose.

I couldn't agree more. In my opinion, an awakening of this magnitude would most certainly mean that the Earth and all of her inhabitants would reap the benefits of a conscious and collective liberation. Amun and blessed be ♡